Python AttributeError: Why It Happens and How You Can Fix It

Claudio Sabato
6 min readMay 29

Have you seen the Python AttributeError while writing your program and don’t know how to fix it? This tutorial will give the answer to that.

If you are getting started with Python you might have experience seeing lots of different Python errors. The Python AttributeError is a very common type of error.

The Python AttributeError is a type of exception raised when your Python program tries to access an attribute that doesn’t exist on a variable/object. The description of the attribute error tells you the specific line of code, type of the variable, and attribute causing the error. Sometimes the error message also suggests a potential fix.

Right now you might not know what to do with this error if you are new to the Python programming language.

After going through this tutorial you will know how to fix the AttributeError in your Python code.

Let’s learn more about the AttributeError in Python!

What Is a Python AttributeError?

A Python AttributeError occurs when you try to use an attribute on a variable of a type that doesn’t support that attribute. For example, you try to call a method on a string and that method is not supported by the string data type. A method represents a functionality provided by a given Python data type or object (e.g. a string, int, boolean).

And is there a generic approach to troubleshooting and fixing a Python AttributeError?

To fix a Python AttributeError in your program you have to identify the variable causing the error. The traceback of the error helps you identify the root cause of this type of error because it includes the line of code where the error occurs. The traceback also tells you the name of the invalid attribute used in your program.

To make this simple, a Python AttributeError occurs when:

  • You call an attribute of a variable (using the dot notation).
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